About Me


I’m Ha. Born in Thai Binh and currently living in Hanoi. I teach English and manage an IELTS centre called Ha Phong IELTS.

I also co-founded a fitness project called Fit.n.Grit (now TeenFit) with my buddy Phong. Phong and I have been working together since 2014.

The early days of our IELTS project (Aug 2017)

The early days of our IELTS project (Aug 2017)

As for what I do for fun, I’m pretty big into fitness. I do a lot — running, calisthenics, weight lifting, but I’m now focused on arm wrestling. I’m training hard to become an arm wrestling champion. Other than sports, at any time you can find me either working, writing, or occasionally seeing a film.

I guess I’m at a stage in life where I’m mostly trying to figure out the world and better understand who I am. I started this blog in January 2019 to document my personal thoughts, observations, and just about everything I find interesting and worthy of writing down.

As for why I started this blog: it’s mostly for future me to read back and reflect on what I once was at one point in life. Also, in the case that I disappeared (i.e die!!), it would be nice to have an archive of my consciousness and personhood, as a mark of the person I once was. To quote Aya Kito, “writing is evidence that you are alive” right?

I bought this domain for 5 years. I hope to get to the day where I can extend it!

My email is leminhha93@gmail.com